One year ends and another begins. More Resolutions!

One year ends and another begins.

Every year we make resolutions. Every year we fail to live up to our good intentions. Or do we. At least it started us in the right direction. Setting a goal is a good thing. Getting started is a good thing. Having positive thoughts and intentions are a good [...]

Do it Again

Recently I had the pleasure of a return visit of a former student.

During their visit I said I remember when I had kept making corrections and you said it’s never good enough. It made me think that maybe I was too tough. This student after leaving our area went on to college and then [...]

10% More

Ten Percent doesn’t sound like much but if most people got a 10% raise they’d be ecstatic. If you give 10% more than the person beside you, in 10 classes you should equal 1 day more gain than they have put in. After 100 days of training you’d be 10 days ahead and after [...]

Sparring Secrets – Combos

One of the secrets the top fighters know is that you need a few reliable combinations.

I believe in the Kiss Principle. No don’t kiss them as a distraction. lol

Keep it simple stupid. However I like Keep it stupid simple. Keep it so simple that anyone can learn it.

Fancy isn’t always practical. Jump [...]

Thought can not Create!

I was just listening to my friend twenty twenty doing his daily positive and inspirational message. He now lives in Australia, I’ll go back to that.

During his Twenty’s message, he said, “thought does not create”. So simple. No, thought does not create. Creative thought does not create. Inspirational thought does not create! Only action [...]


Hey guys, just a little comment about kata. Kata is a great time out for your brain. If you do kata properly you should be into that imaginary side of our brain. When you are doing kata well you should be so focused on the kata that you see no one in the room. Fighting [...]

Seeds of Greatness

I just heard a speaker talk mention seeds of greatness. There are seeds of greatness in all of us.

I’ve tried to plant seeds before with no luck. Sometimes I forgot to water and other times I watered too much. Often the plants that grow the best are the volunteers in the garden. They grow [...]

Fit Fam Womens Self Defense

On January 29th, my wife Lorrie and I taught a Womens Self Defense Class at the local fitness club Fit Fam.

I was impressed with the turnout. We’ve had several robberies lately and had a couple purse snatchings so I believe some of the ladies had those concern in mind.

It was great to teach [...]

Thinking Big!

Many moons ago I was working on a house that my dad, brother and I purchased for a rental. My dad wanted to show us how to start getting ahead. It was a great learning experience. Both good and bad.

The owner had been a city official that was trying to move up in life [...]

The End is Near!

The end is near.

I’m currently reading a book called jump. Steve Harvey wrote it but it started with his little speech to the audience on an episode of Family Feud. He states that if you want happiness or success in life you must jump. Of course he’s assuming that you are going to land [...]