Culver Karate Club

Owned and operated by Perry and Lorrie Culver of Connellsville.

Home of The Connellsville Classic Karate Championships, a Founder School of:

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Culver Karate Club is one of the oldest continuously running Karate Clubs in Southwestern, Pennsylvania.  Since our beginnings in 1988, we have trained over 1000 students, including dozens of National Champions. Culver Karate Club has been chosen many times as the best in Fay-West by the readers of the Daily Courier Newspaper of Connellsville and the Morning Herald Newspaper of Uniontown.

Benefits from training at the Culver Karate Club include a deeper sense of personal confidence, a strong self discipline, improved physical fitness, and self defense training.

Our classes include a small childrens class called Little Ninjas for 4 to 6 yr. old kids and Traditional Karate and Ju Jutsu Classes.  We have classes for beginners and children and teens and adults as well.  We also have Cardio Karate also known as Fitness Kickboxing or Aerobic Kickboxing, which is great fun!  Cardio Karate is a great fat burner.  Cardio Karate burns more calories that any other workout routine.  Cardio Karate is more toning and fat burning than Zumba aerobics and any other fad workout there is.

Joining our club is simple, all you have to do to begin is to contact us by phone (724) 626-KICK or stop by for information.

“Karate training can transform your entire life.  Being a member of one of the longest running Karate Clubs in Pennsylvania has it’s benefits.  The friendships I have made here too, will last a lifetime.”

Hope to see you soon!

Shihan Perry Culver

The Twenty Precepts of Karate form the mental foundation of Shotokan Karate.

These twenty principles were originally based in Japanese Bushido and Zen and they give Karate it’s core philosophy for personal development.  The principles help the student develop humility, respect, compassion, patience, and both an inward and outward sense of true calm.

It was the founder of Shotokan Karate – Gichen Funakoshi’s personal belief that the practice of karate and the observation of the 20 Precepts, that the student karate-ka would improve their person.

20 Precepts

1. Karate-do begins with courtesy and ends with rei (Bow).

2. There is no first strike in karate.

3. Karate is an aid to justice.

4. First know yourself before attempting to know others.

5. Spirit first, technique second.

6. Always be ready to release your mind.

7. Accidents arise from negligence.

8. Do not think that karate training is only in the dojo.

9. It will take your entire life to learn karate, there is no limit.

10. Put your everyday living into karate and you will find “Myo” (subtle secrets).

11. Karate is like boiling water, if you do not heat it constantly, it will cool.

12. Do not think that you have to win, think rather that you do not have to lose.

13. Victory depends on your ability to distinguish vulnerable points from invulnerable ones.

14. The out come of the battle depends on how you handle weakness and strength.

15. Think of your opponents hands and feet as swords.

16. When you leave home, think that you have numerous opponents waiting for you.

17. Beginners must master low stance and posture, natural body positions are for the advanced.

18. Practicing a kata exactly is one thing, engaging in a real fight is another.

19. Do not forget to correctly apply: strength and weakness of power, stretching and contraction of the body, and slowness and speed of techniques.

20. Always think and devise ways to live the precepts of karate-do every day.

“The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of the participant.”