Two Types of Bullies

Yes there are two types of Bullies.  Verbal Bullies and Physical Bullies.

One can be just as destructive as the other if you let them.

Lets start with the verbal bully.  Don’t let them get to you.  The verbal will call you a name and try to upset you.  If you just look at them funny and say yeah right then walk away with no reaction or just look and say nothing then what fun is that for the bully.  He wants a reaction.  The will make fun, play jokes, draw pictures and make remarks about how you look or any way they can get to you.  Either don’t react or if they’ve make a stupid drawing, quietly take it down and put it in your pocket and don’t even act like anything happened.  That would so deflate the verbal bully that he would get no joy out of the prank and move on.  When the bully calls you stupid, look at him and say yep your right I’m stupid.  If you’re brave say yep I’m stupid but I’m not nearly as stupid as the jerks that would hang out with you.  A verbal bully may not even be tough but they like to look better in the eyes of others by putting you down.  I was friends with such a person.  He was a smooth character.  When you were with him alone you were his best friend but when there were others around he would put you down in an attempt to get others to laugh at you.  This type of bully is often not very accomlished at anything so he needs to up his rep by knocking you down.  Nice!

Then there is the physical bully.  He can be a real problem.  He pushes and shoves you and knock you down or knocks books out of your hands.  He is out to physically hurt you.  Not fun!  No one wants hurt.  You can get bigger friends or just take it till he tires of his game.   The physical bully can really hurt you if he want.  Usually they don’t pick on people larger and stronger than himself unless he wants hurt that is.  There is a karate bully that picks on kids in school.  You probably will say I thought that karate was supposed to be used in self defense, huh?  Well not only is the kid not getting the message but his dad is his instructor.  I’ve heard several stories of his excapades from students, parents and concerned teachers.  I’ve had to talk to students on several occasions but usually it is a case of self defense.  On one occasion my student was cornered by 3 students who had on several occasions bullied my student and the school did nothing even though they were mad aware of it by the parents.  The 3 bullies had cornered my student and started pushing and poking him until he struck back.  They were laying on the ground and crying like babies.  Now the school was involved and yelled at him for solving the problem that they would not and could not.  I think the principal knew who was at fault but they have policies you know.  They always say they have a no tolerance policy but it doesn’t teach tolerance, it just makes the victim suffer a little more.  It also makes sure that the good kid who doesn’t want to fight has another reason not to fight back.  So the schools have just exacerbated the problem.  Come on man up, call a bully what he is.  Don’t just hide behind policy.  By the by, one kid that got beat up by the local karate bully is just a yellow belt, the first belt in our system.  This kid is so quiet and shy that he could never start a fight.  His dad should be so proud.

Hey people, let’s help the victim.  Let’s step in.  Just tell the bully to leave them alone.  Don’t laugh at there jokes, pictures stop their pra