Bully Proof

Culver Karate Club is dedicated to ending and stopping bullying on all levels.

Be a Hero! Not a Bully!

Bullying is a problem in a civilized society. We try to achieve a higher level of thinking than the animals but there is still the “I’ll take what I want thinking”. At Culver Karate Club we want to promote the attitude of sharing and helping.
Yes, Bullying is much like stealing! How so? Bullying is like stealing ones spirit or their soul! A Bully steals your pride and self worth. Why? Because they can! Because they have no self worth of their own so they take others to make themselves feel better. They can’t affirm anyone elses worth, because it would put them above the Bully! It is easier to pull someone down than to lift themselves up. Much like the drowning man pulls down the person that tries to rescue them. The friends that hang out with a Bully are just people that are like them but even weaker. They want to get their self worth from the Bully.
Let’s build kids that have self worth and are above that kind of treatment of others. Let’s build pride in and make kids that strong enough in themselves that they help people rather than denigrate them.
Lets Build Heros not Bullies!!!