Bullies Lose in the End!

Bullies may take your lunch money, your self respect, your pride and your self worth in an attempt to gain the same in themselves.

Kids don’t you know that there is more where that came from.  If they are trying to take it from you it’s because you have it and they don’t.

In reality they can take your lunch money but at the end of the day you are the one that should hold up your head and say at least I don’t have to beat someone down to become something.  Just say to yourself that I can, I will and I must persevere.  Become that person that the bully is afraid, that you might become.  Yes, bullies are afraid of others succeeding.  Bullies know that they don’t have something required to become that which they see in you, so they must attempt to steal it from you!

Remember, no one can steal your self respect.  Just because they are bigger and stronger than you doesn’t make them better.  Life has funny ways of evening things out .  Many years ago I had been bullied several times, but now the bullies only say hi Mr. Culver.  I smile, content in the knowledge that they may’ve attempted to steal my self respect years ago but they give it right back every time that they call me Mr. Culver!

Kids be confident that whatever or whoever is bothering you, that things change.  What seems like an eternity is not that much time when you get a few gray hairs like me.  Persevere and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.  When you drive past the bullies hanging out in the street cause they have no job, no house and no car and they say Wow what a car, you’ll say yeah that feels good.  They’ll give you right back the self respect that they stole from you years earlier.

Perservere and the Bully will lose in the end!

Written by:

Shihan Culver of Culver Karate Club in Connellsville, PA