One year ends and another begins. More Resolutions!

One year ends and another begins.

Every year we make resolutions.  Every year we fail to live up to our good intentions.  Or do we.  At least it started us in the right direction.  Setting a goal is a good thing.  Getting started is a good thing.  Having positive thoughts and intentions are a good thing so it’s not bad to make a resolution and fail.  It’s bad to start and never succeed.  You may be conditioning yourself to accept failure.

So should you come up with a resolution?   Yes, but only if you feel you can accomplish it or at least make an effort.

Listening to the broadcasts of New Years Eve last night they were asking people their resolutions for the New Year.  Clearly some were speaking off the cuff and had not giving any thought to a resolution.   Some of the resolutions were like, make more money and be nice to people and travel more.  Finish college and get a degree were a couple that were actually sensable.

Losing weight is a common one.  It’s a good one too if you have a plan and if you have a burning desire to reach it.  For a resolution to be a big change agent you have to have that burning desire.  You need to set a goal and sit down and plan.  Plan a date to start, have a plan, write it out, keep track and check you progress on a regular basis.  A weight loss goal can’t be accompanied with no change.  It’s very difficult, but yet so easy.  I’ve lost weight lots of time.  lol.   If that is your resolution then plan out things you can eat or join a diet program or at least get a diet plan, book or join a diet group or organization.   Constant weigh ins and writing down your progress is critical.  Maybe compete against someone.  Join or do some sort of regular exercise program.   Don’t just say it, do it.

For a resolution to work:
Have a achievable goal
Have a reasonable time period 
Make a plan
Get a mentor (coach)
Constant monitoring
Have short term and long term goals check periodically
Don’t be afraid to readjust your time periods and your long term goal, but don’t give up. 
Celebrate your success!

Again, goals are great things.  They get you started.  Don’t let a failure stop you from trying again.  Maybe this is the time.  A famous saying is that Edison was told he was a failure because he tried and failed to make a light bulb 5000 times.  He replied, I haven’t failed, I’ve eliminated 5000 ways that it can’t be done.  If you’ve noticed he succeeded.

Thank goodness Edison didn’t give up after trying 10 times or 100 times or 1000 times.  What if Edison had given up after 5000 attempts only to have missed success on the 5001st attempt.  Edison knew it could be done and kept trying even when people laughed and called him a failure.  So set your resolution, laugh at you past failures, make you success plan and do it.

Good luck in 2018


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