Do it Again

Recently I had the pleasure of a return visit of a former student.

During their visit I said I remember when I had kept making corrections and you said it’s never good enough.  It made me think that maybe I was too tough.  This student after leaving our area went on to college and then to the police academy.  I said thinking back when you said that it made me stop and ask myself if I was too picky.  Even though I felt a little bit bad that I was being too picky on one of my best students, I felt it was necessary.   I told my student about that statement and they acted as if they hadn’t remembered it.  I asked if they had any rough instructors during their training and they said yes.  I said did any say over and over, do it again, do it faster or do it better?  They said oh yeah.  This student constantly credits me with saving their life because of things I’ve taught them.  I’m glad I didn’t take it easy on them and I made them do it over.

Repetition = Muscle Memory!

Practice doesn’t make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect!  Be picky.  Learn it right and practice it right.

Do it again!

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