10% More

Ten Percent doesn’t sound like much but if most people got a 10% raise they’d be ecstatic.
If you give 10% more than the person beside you, in 10 classes you should equal 1 day more gain than they have put in. After 100 days of training you’d be 10 days ahead and after 10 yrs you’d be 1 year ahead. But they probably would’ve quit.
It really doesn’t work like that. It’s usually more extreme. I explained last night how to throw a better back fist and one boy didn’t immediately and scored 3 times in a match with that back fist against another student. He almost never scores with a back fist even though he throws them all the time.
10% more focus, determination and effort is more like 30%. Now you’re talking. Now after 10 yrs you’re 3 years ahead. That one whole dan rank higher. That’s significant.
That’s the way to get ahead.
Just 10% more!

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