Sparring Secrets – Combos

One of the secrets the top fighters know is that you need a few reliable combinations.

I believe in the Kiss Principle.  No don’t kiss them as a distraction.  lol

Keep it simple stupid.  However I like Keep it stupid simple.  Keep it so simple that anyone can learn it.

Fancy isn’t always practical.  Jump spin kick may knock someone clear out or might get you severely face planted.  Fancy is really cool but can get you into trouble if it doesn’t work.

What does work is knowing a few Combinations and be able to apply them effectively and quickly.  If you practice a combination to the point that you don’t have to think about it, it will work.  Timeliness in applying them at the right time  is also very important.  If you do the same combination repeatedly, your opponent will figure out a way to beat it.  Combinations must be delivered at the right time but never repeatedly in the same fashion.  You should have more that one combo and be able to set them up.  A combo should set up the next combo by making your opponent react in a predictable fashion.  When you can predict your opponents next more, then you’ve done your job.

So the keys to winning with combos.

1. Keep it simple.

2. Practice till you can do your combo without thinking.

3. Learn to change the first or last move or even one in the middle.

4.  Link combos together.  The same or different combo when necessary.

5. Learn to do your combo on both sides, left and right.

6. Make sure you have an unpredictable entry so they can’t predict your entry.

7. Above all have fun!


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