Thought can not Create!

I was just listening to my friend twenty twenty doing his daily positive and inspirational message.  He now lives in Australia, I’ll go back to that.

During his Twenty’s message, he said, “thought does not create”.  So simple.  No, thought does not create.  Creative thought does not create.  Inspirational thought does not create!  Only action can create.  If thought created, then New Years Resolutions would change the world.  Consider the condition most people are in when they make their New Years Resolutions.  Out partying, having had a few too many and wow what a great idea, I’m gonna do that this year.  The next day they may not even remember the Resolution and if they do, how many people take action on their Resolutions.

Only thought can create desire or visa versa.

Creative desire can create thoughtful action.

Thoughtful Action Driven by Creative Thought can Change the World.

But First, put down the remote!

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