Hey guys, just a little comment about kata. Kata is a great time out for your brain. If you do kata properly you should be into that imaginary side of our brain. When you are doing kata well you should be so focused on the kata that you see no one in the room. Fighting does this naturally because if you don’t focus you get rewarded with getting scored on. In kata it gives us an opportunity to focus and work on ourselves without getting scored on. It gives us and opportunity to work on our switch. That switch that gets flipped when someone attacks you. You need to focus, on the kias, the technic the movement, the turns, the quickness where appropriate, the slowness with strength and attitude where appropriate but most of all you should be envisioning someone there. Not me counting not mom or dad watching not the other students but the fighter that is trying to hit you. The best kata is when you make it the most real. Use your imagination. Make it real and it will benefits you when reality strikes whether its on the street or in the ring, As a Judge of kata we often don’t know the kata from another style but I could grab a judge from the stands and tell them let me know which kata looks like a real fight and they would often come to the same conclusion as me. Nail that kata, win that personal fight, put that bully in front of you, envision someone attacking you and when you do your kata will look real and you will perform better. All this stuff is about is making you be able to handle it when real hits! Do it, Be Real!

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