Seeds of Greatness

I just heard a speaker talk mention seeds of greatness.  There are seeds of greatness in all of us.

I’ve tried to plant seeds before with no luck.  Sometimes I forgot to water and other times I watered too much.  Often the plants that grow the best are the volunteers in the garden.  They grow better than any others.  The only problem is they usually start too late in the growing season.

We can be the seeds of greatness in our community, our family in our karate school.  A lot of people might say it stinks around here.  I can’t succeed here.  No one goes anywhere if they grow up here.  People complained to me one year when I got a particularly fresh truck load of manure for the garden.  It was bad.  The neighbors hated it.  Guess what?  The seeds loved it.  My garden went crazy.  Is there an analogy here.  If it stinks where you  are.  If there seems to be no way to get ahead.  If everything and everyone seems to be against you.  Maybe all those obstacles are all you need for your seeds of greatness to sprout.

Ya know for a seed to grow, it needs the warmth of the sun, water to make it swell up and sprout, but it also needs that smelly fertilizer called manure.

It’s easy to get seed growing when everything is perfect.   Look over at the pile of untended manure.  If you leave it alone, you’ll have all kinds of plants growing up out of it.

Sometimes conditions are not perfect for you to grow.  Sometimes you don’t have the support ie (sunshine and water) that you should but if it stinks around here for you, maybe you have enough fertilizer to sprout and grow.  A lot of times if you have the great idea and the desire that makes up for the support of others.  If you have a strong enough drive, you can overcome bad conditions.  If you don’t have the luxury of having the money, the opportunity and the connections, ie the water to sprout, you can make up for it with an overwhelming desire.  Sometimes, it just stinks around here and you say no way am I staying here, no way am I going to be like these people I see and no way will I let others who have never accomplished anything tell me that I can’t.  The people that say you can’t may just be the fertilizer for you to grow.   lol

Yes the conditions may not be right.  But, just remember “If it is to be, It’s up to me”!  Don’t give up on your dreams.  You might be lucky enough to be in a pile of fertilizer.  You need to keep believing and sprout!

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