As the Owner, Operator and Chief Instructor at Culver Karate Club and a co founder of the Connellsville Crime Watch in Connellsville Pa. I’ve been  helping students and residents of Connellsville area learn self defense for over 25 years.

Recently, a home burglary spree was taking place in a nearby rural community.  There were many homes burglarized during the day.  It went on for several months.  Our rural communities depend on state police  to patrol their areas so the response times to some crimes can be hours.  Burglars know this.

You might say, gee they should have a crime watch.  Actually they have a well established, well run, very well participated crime watch.  They couldn’t resolve the crimes.  Police and residents were baffled.   You might say people should have guns.  This community could have their own militia.  This community has a large number of gun owners and hunters, so they have guns and know how to use them.  He obviously was not deterred.

Finally this burglar was caught.  He was happy to tell the how and why of his crimes.  He was looking for easy cash.  This community was typically a working family type community, often with both people working.  Houses are usually pretty far apart and often not much visibility from the roads and neighbors.  He would case houses and see if there were lights on and would see if anyone was home.  The burglar also said that he would listen and see if there was any noises.  If the house was quiet and lights off, bingo, Payday.  He could take his time, because he knew the parents were at work and the kids were at school.  He would take the gold and jewelry he’d find and drive to Pittsburgh, which is about a 40 mile drive and he sell it at a gold purchaser.

This guy will get back out I’m sure.  Many others probably learn from him and or course the medias need to tell all.  Guys like this, they are not rocket scientists.  Locks don’t stop them.  A lock will not stop a serious burglar.  The houses involved are rural enough that he could’ve used a sledge hammer and no one would hear.

He gives a clue in the prevention of his crimes.  Noise and lights.  Of course a burglar alarm would’ve stopped him.  I’m sure, in this area if a burglar alarm would go off he’d be met with a mad neighbor with a shotgun, before the police even got there.  If you don’t want to spend the money for a burglar alarm, then turn on a few lights.  Put some lights on timers.  Ones that can go on and off regularly.   IMPROVE YOUR LOCKS!  There are all different types of lock and a big difference between the cheap and expensive ones.  Wood doors versus steel doors.  Wood frames versus steel frames.  Any question?   Basement windows versus glass block windows.  You better have a sledgehammer if you want to get in a glass block window.

So, folks, guns will deter if you are there, otherwise they are just another thing to pawn.  If no one is home and you have less than top notch locks and security then, I’m sorry, you better have good insurance.  In some cases upgrading your secutity will save you money in insurance.

Look around your house.  If you got locked out, could you get in?  A burglar would probably been in before you are.  They are the pros.  Upgrade.


Shihan Perry Culver

Culver Karate Club