Living in Connellsville PA, a little town 45 miles south of Pittsburgh, I’ve always felt our area was safe.  Then I met and trained with a Pennsylvania State Trooper who was an Asp Instructor and taught a variety of other Police tactics and courses.   He informed me that our county, Fayette county was called Fayettenam!  He also told me that we were the second worst county in the state in crime stats.  I asked him which category of crime and he said everyone.  He told me that troopers that came here were usually being punished.  COMFORTING!  I said, really, why were you assigned here?  He said I was being punished for punching a horse while working in the stables at the State Police Academy.  I never asked why was he delegated to the stables.  TRUE STORY!

A former student of mine became a state trooper and voluntarily came to Fayette County and he loved the activity.  He liked night turn and said that he usually had 6 or 7 calls waiting for him when he got to work.  He was full of energy and loved his job.  I ran into his Sargent and he told me he was doing a great job and was one of his best troopers.  Funny thing is he bid out as soon as he could.  Must’ve gotten tired of all of the excitement.

We used to have several State Troopers in our Fitness Kickboxing class and I ran into one of them at a mini mart near Connellsville one night.  He told me he was the most senior trooper on the shift that night.  He was one job only 1 1/2 years.  Again really COMFORTING!

My brother work in a hospital in the middle of the state and was in a meeting when someone mentioned that a helicopter was coming in from Fayettnam.  My brother said where?  He said Fayette County, we call it Fayettenam because they’re killing each other all the time down there.  My brother said, hey that’s where I live.

What troubles me about this area is that most people don’t even know that the State Police themselves named this county, Fayettenam.  Most people in this county don’t know that most State Troopers don’t request to come here, they are sent here.   Most people in this county don’t know that we are high in the states crime stats.

What troubles me most is that most people don’t believe they need any self defense training.   I often hear, I don’t need to train, I have a gun!  Or I’ll kick them where it hurts!  Huh?  I guess there shouldn’t be anyone getting attacked then.  Problem is, if you don’t train it, you won’t do it.   I also have the philosophy; kick them where it hurts, but I know I’ll do it.  It’s ingrained in me.  I’ve had people at work or friends ask what would you do if and before they can finish the sentence I’ve attacked the sweet spot.  They then say, hey what did you do that for?   I reply, well you asked what I would do!

People are shocked when things happen in their community.  Stuff happens! And fast.

Be prepared.  If you don’t train, start.  If you won’t train, there’s plenty of books cd’s and the internet is polluted with information and videos.

Safety First.

Let’s help to keep Fayettenam a Safe and Beautiful place to live!

Shihan Culver  (Citizen of Fayettenam and proud of it!)

Culver Karate Club

Connellsville, PA