MMA or Karate & Jiu Jitsu

There exists a little confusion among people interested in MMA.  I’ve heard it said that street fighting beats karate.  I’ve heard that you have to be able to wrestle to win in MMA.  I’ve heard that boxing and wrestling is all you need in MMA.  Tell that to Machida a Shotokan Karate and Jiu Jitsu stylist and former champ of the UFC.  Tell that to Anderson Silva a karate practitioner and champ in MMA and former MMA cage fighter Ice Man Chuck Liddel who also happens to have a karate background.  GSP is a kyokushinkai stylist. a japanese style of karate and he’s an MMA cage fighting champ in the UFC also.

Do you need wrestling to be great in the cage.  Guess not, but plenty of fighters go that route.  Thing is that not every wrestler, karate practitioner, or Jiu Jitsu student is going into the cage.  The thing that makes you a fighter in MMA is desire, devotion a plan and good instruction.   A great boxer can succeed if he has proper ground fighting instruction.  A Karate practitioner can do very well if he’s good at his art and has a sensible approach but enhances his fighting with either some wrestling or Ju Jitsu.  Can Jiu Jitsu practitioners go in the ring without any other instruction.?  Not if the don’t have the stand up skills.  You can’t win if you can defend a punch.  MMA has evolved a lot since it’s inception and it’s gone full circle.  Jiu Jitsu was the rage then wrestling and then they realized that Machida used shotokan karate to win his title and ovoid getting hit very often even though the commentators constantly referred to him as unorthodox!  So much for the martial art part of mixed martial arts.

The keys to winning in MMA are not too complex.  Train hard at stand up and floor work.  Try to learn your opponent.  Know your strengths and improve your weaknesses.  Have a few tricks that are “unorthodox”, and above all have incredible stamina.

In our Shotokan and Jiu Jitsu classes not hardly any of the students will ever compete in MMA.   Some people train for enjoyment.  Some people train for conditioning.  Some people train for the self confidence that derive from learning some self defense.  The people that believe that street fighters are better than Karate or Jiu Jitsu fighters are just making an excuse for their lack of knowledge.  Yeah there are people that have never seen the inside of a dojo that could beat some black belts.  I’ve seen plenty of evidence to the contrary though.

If MMA style cage fighting is what you are looking for then you should train in Karate and Jiu Jitsu and then work your cardio.  Give us a call!

Shihan Culver